The Ikigai Mastermind


What’s a Mastermind and How Can it Help You?

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!”
Jim Rohn

Both common sense and scientific experiment, have shown that the single most important factor in our ability to learn new skills, change old habits, grow and develop ourselves is our environment.

The people who we surround ourselves with set the upper limit of our experience. Basically it’s almost impossible to go to the next level, if you’re surrounded by people at the old level.

Masterminds are very effective way of creating a supportive, positive, uplifting environment of peers, who have a shared common goal as well as supported individual goals.

The members of a Mastermind act as “a board of directors” for each others business or lifestyle visions…offering support, ideas, advice, accountability, constructive criticism, mentoring, networking and resources.

The Ikigai Mastermind is made up of members who are committed to working less, earning more
and living their Ikigai Life.


“Yes, but will it work for me?”

You’ve probably got a bunch of questions buzzing around your head about whether or not
The Ikigai Mastermind group will work for you.

Here are the most frequently asked questions answered by two of our members.

Bea Martin discovered and began to live her Ikigai
just 3 months after joining The Ikigai Mastermind group.
She’s now running her own tour company which specializes in sound healing tours
of the many sacred sites of south west England.

Bea’s success is certainly not typical, as 3 months is an incredibly short time to both discover and start living your Ikigai life! But her experience still useful in terms of seeing what’s possible

Nicky Stanton is one of our newer members who has also been with us for 3 months.
Nicky isn’t living her Ikigai life yet, but she’s made concrete progress towards her goals
and so her experience is probably more typical.


 “Will this work for my situation?”


“I’ve been part of a few masterminds before, which tend to market themselves as a magic pill and silver bullet solution to transform your life. Then after a few weeks, they feel a bit flat and you end up frustrated.

The Ikigai experience has been very different for me.

I joined at a time when I was feeling like I was just coasting in life; I’d tried so hard to make changes in the past and was exhausted and fed up with all the disappointment I’d experienced.

Transformation is a gradual process and Chris knows instinctively exactly how to steer and challenge you so that you can take it one day at a time. I’ve loved the 1 to 1 coaching sessions and meeting all the other members who’ve kept me to a higher standard and pushed me when I’ve wanted to back down.

I’ve only been in the group 6 weeks and I’ve really enjoyed the whole process and feel much braver about moving forward and have real clarity about my goals. I’ve also loved the 1 to 1 and new connections I’ve made with the other members who are all really special and wonderfully supportive. I can truly feel the effects of being the average of the 5  people you spend the most time with. Thank you!”


“As a woman in her late 50s, a carer and self-employed sound therapist, I wondered whether this was relevant or appropriate for me at this stage in my life journey.

What I learned was that it was absolutely perfect for me right now!

Whilst the Mastermind Group is comprised of people with very different interests, from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, we all have the common aim of supporting each other find, live and fund our Ikigai life. If you’re committed to living a more meaningful, fulfilling, magical life, then this group is for you!”

 “Is this going to be too hard?”


“The Ikigai journey is completely tailored to whatever goals or support that you need. Chris and the other members know instinctively whether to push you or not and recognise when you are running old patterns or have limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Its a bit like trying to hack you’re way through the jungle with a machete…on your own, its really tough. But with Chris and the other guys, they can tell you where the easier path is/the clearer route to save you lots of time, effort and energy.”


“It’s entirely up to you. You’re in the driving seat: you go at your own pace and state how you need support and in what way.

In addition to your 1-2- 1s with Chris, you have your accountability buddy who is your champion/conscience who keeps you focussed on your goals. I also found insights from other members of the Mastermind, whether on Hangouts, WhatsApp etc, to be immensely helpful.

One chat on WhatsApp led to a brilliant skill swap session on Skype. There is such a wealth of life experience, skills and expertise within the group which you can’t put a price on.”

 “Will I have time for this?”


“It’s tailored to whatever you need – you can be as engaged or not as you like. You can choose to engage in just the 1-2-1s if you like which only takes a few hours a month.”


“You can be very flexible with the amount of time you spend to suit your daily routine. In fact, one of the most transformative practices which Chris shared was how just one minute a day committed to your Ikigai goals can make a profound difference in your life.”

 What if I need to stop/pause this?”


“I love the fact that its totally flexible. If other members have other challenges in their schedule or feel like they’re ok on their own for a while, you can leave and come back whenever suits you. You’re never tied in.”


“Life throws unexpected curve balls, so when I needed to take some time out from the group to attend to some personal issues, I was able to have that time plus I received great support from the group.”

 “How can I trust this person?”


“I first met Chris when he was speaking at an event and I knew he would be a fabulous coach.

He has real presence on stage and a sparkle in his eyes. He gives sage and direct advice and his wisdom is delivered in an inspiring way. That coupled with a wicked sense of humour and a no BS approach.

I’ve seen huge positive changes in my life thanks to him and Ikigai in only 6 weeks. I highly recommend you jump with both feet in if you’re considering upgrading your life.”


“You can trust Chris 110%. He is positive, authentic and inspirational. His techniques and practices are powerful and transformative, and they work!

I think what impresses me most about Chris is that he walks his talk, he’s been through experiences that would floor most people and has emerged as a triumphant phoenix from adversity.

He will challenge you, with love, to be the best that you can be and will do whatever he can to support you in that aim.”


   “How much does it cost?” 

If you’re interested in joining The Ikigai Mastermind Group
text me on 07714 670828 or email me at

If you take the time to contact me, that tells me you’re serious about living your Ikigai life
in which case I’ll happily spend an hour giving you a FREE Ikigai Consultation
and I’ll happily tell you the cost.

What I can tell you is that I’ve removed all the risk of joining the group…

1. There is no long term commitment.

2. You can pause or cancel your membership at any time.

3. If you’re dissatisfied with the Mastermind for any reason whatsoever
at any time within the first 3 months, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. 

“What’s the Bottom Line?”

The Ikigai Mastermind is a unique no risk, low cost investment in yourself and your future that you won’t find anywhere else on or offline.

The Ikigai Mastermind has the peer-to-peer support power and coaching guidance to set you free from the hamster wheel Matrix of modern life.

Our members use the “all for one” power of the Mastermind group to massively increase their chances of success.

Trying to find and live your Ikigai is very hard to do on your own
and much easier to do with a group of people who are trying to do the same thing.

There are currently less than 10 places left in the Mastermind and chances are they won’t last for long.

So if you’re ready to work less and earn more, doing work you actually love…

Email me at to arrange a Free Ikigai Consultation.

Chris Paradox
Inspiration Engineer
Ikigai Coach
Goodbye Daily Grind

p.s. Here are so more in-depth member testimonials.


“Having trained and worked as a coach myself for a number of years I’ve experienced first hand the magical results when you give someone a supportive and reflective environment to think and speak into. When it comes to minds 1 + 1 equals much more than 2. So I was fascinated to see what might come out of a group like this. 6 people connecting to support each other and be supported. So far I’ve been able to define and focus precisely on my priorities and have begun to change unhelpful habits. I’ve made decisions I’ve been hanging on for months and made progress where I wasn’t even looking before. This has been without any difficulty or extra effort. Just participating in the group and checking in once a day to update, ask for support, inspiration or contribute a pearl wisdom as and when the moment calls. Teamwork at its best.” – Nick Oxley

Louis 1

“Chris is a rare human being. In our 1-1 sessions, he is challenging, honest, compassionate and full of wisdom. Since receiving the 1-1 coaching from him I have received funding to develop an app, I have got real clarity on my goals, and I have expanded the number of private clients I work with. Chris is infinitely generous, and it is incredibly reassuring to know that a human being with wisdom and heart is available to support me.


As a result of the Ikigai Mastermind Group support Chris has facilitated, I have received incredible support and wisdom from a group of very talented individuals. The feeling one gets to belong to such a supportive group is difficult to describe, but I have thought several times over the last few days that this group Chris has facilitated has genuinely restored my faith in humanity. I have had so much joy in this group, in terms of advice, direction, and just feeling supported, that I have invited in several friends to join, as I was so excited to share the love.

Thank you Chris. You are a diamond. 

Louis Weinstock

Facepaint Icon“Living in an isolated rural home, raising 3 children with my husband.  While being a business owner, it doesn’t leave me much time to get out and meet people or grow my social network.  Being a business owner, you are the one always contacting other people for their services to grow your business, which can feel like you are pushing alone and that no one values you so much that they would miss you if you stopped pushing.  Or certainly, that is how I felt.  I was already practising law of attraction based techniques that I coach my clients with, however, the one truth that wouldn’t leave me is that we are the sum of the 5 people we surround ourselves with most.   My kids and husband are so focused on their own careers social life and schooling, they have no time to mentor me, or give me daily motivational inspirational pep talks, or be very interest in my work. I so longed for that community feeling, where I was a part of something that benefited me, while being valued for my service to others.

Then I joined Chris Paradox’s Ikigai Mastermind group and every thing fell into place.  Within the first 1 to 1 and group online hangout, I was given very valuable homework which I devoured.  It directly impacted my business outlook, giving me a strong sense of direction, clearer knowing of who I am and what I have to offer.  The ikigai FB page quickly turned into a ‘whats app’ group with daily threads where our small group could get to know each other’s day to day movements and be accountable to one another for the daily practises and challenges we all accepted from Chris.  This tight knit group regularly engage in praise giving, feedback, inspiration by sharing knowledge and resources, all the while strengthening our friendships through this medium.

In the space of a few months I have felt completely fulfilled in my business, with a vast increase in my client basis and mentor support circles, all because of the dedication that Chris Paradox commits to making this hub effervesce. A truly inspirational leader who leads as if he’s following, does all his own homework and asks the group to hold him accountable, making him an equal.  Being a part of anything Chris Paradox creates and organises is always such a giggle and fulfilling wholesome experience.  I am so blessed to have found Ikigai Masterminders and to be a part of the community that Chris Paradox is building, I love welcoming and meeting new members as they arrive.  I look forward to the future now, because I am fully ‘in joying’ my present moment. Day to day gratitude is my new life long practise, it was before I joined the ikigai group, but together with like minded individuals gratitude is magnified beyond that which an individual can manifest.  I carry around their positivity daily in everything i do.

Thank you Chris.”

Alexandra Sawyer 


“I was inspired by Chris Paradox when I first met him in the early 2000s, but since I started working with his Ikigai Mastermind program, I’ve felt a whole new level of inspiration, have been supported by a fantastic group of like-minded companions, and consequently my life has been moving forward in ways that I’ve been hoping for and visualising but not quite achieving for years.

The particular flavour of inspiration that Chris brings is one that fits perfectly with my own deep seated desires for my time on this planet, and which I’m sure will be shared by many: I don’t want to fall blindly into society-endorsed roles, or allow fear of failure to stop me from being the most creative and successful version of me that is possible. I want to work to find my most valuable assets and share them with the world to create a brighter future. We all have the potential to shine and give our best, but sometimes we need a little help along the way, from friends and mentors – people who share our vision, or have been on the journey and learned the pitfalls and shortcuts.

To inspire by example and gentle but determined persuasion towards a life lived embodying your most optimistic desires for yourself is a true and rare skill that I’ve seen grow in Chris over the time I’ve known him. When I heard about the group he was setting up, I didn’t hesitate in signing up. I felt ready to embrace the challenges and adventures of revealing my true self and honoring my creativity with purposeful action, and I trusted Chris to be the best possible facilitator, having seen his own fruition into a successful and much loved stand-up poet, host, MC, and Inspiration Engineer.

I now feel well on the way to overcoming my time management problems, my assertiveness issues and a whole host of other things that have been niggling away at me in the background of my subconscious. A large part of this is due to the support of the group as a whole, and has also definitely been hastened through blockages by the assignments and practices that we’ve been given. I can’t recommend this process highly enough, so I’ll just say: Try it, with an open mind, and be prepared to be surprised at where you can go if you just believe, and breathe.”

Ryan Omamori